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Blacktypepedigree.com was established with the aim to help breeders, owners, bloodstock agents and all of those who are interested in thoroughbred breeding to analyse pedigrees and to search for suitable combinations. It will show you how such or similar combinations fared in the production of horses who were successful in blacktype races but it can also provide tips on where to look for suitable stallions for your broodmares or analyse the performance of individual sires, dam sires, paternal lines or families in the production of blacktype horses.

Why blacktype?
Blacktype races, as defined by the International Cataloguing Standard Book (ICSB), are the top class races in the world, their winners and horses who placed in them are quoted in bold (black) type in the sales catalogues and for breeders (and bidders) the highest share of these thoroughbreds in the pedigrees and catalogue lists of the horses is highly desirable.

What data will you find here?
Our database currently includes over 54,000 horses who, in the past ten years, won or placed in blacktype races in the ICSB countries. The database is currently being expanded. New results and new blacktype horses are entered into our database as soon as possible (a few days after the race at latest). Also, the results older than twelve years, are being added, where we focus on major races.

How to work with the data?
The scope of our database makes it possible to use it in a qualified and a relevant way for thoroughbred breeders all over the world. As most of the lines are globally successful in today’s breeding and successful nicks can be repeated by breeders all over the world; the global scope of our database allows breeders to use data even from local blacktype races. This makes it possible for breeders from Japan, India, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil and other countries to combine global data on the success rates of individual paternal lines and their performance in the given country.

The database is regularly updated with new results of blacktype races and successful horses. If you want speedy information on horses, lines or nicks that you find of interest, you can check the “Monitor changes on query results” function – you will be sent a newsletter that will notify you about all the changes concerning the selected horses, services or new horses who meet the conditions of your query. This newsletter will be delivered to your mailbox.

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