Machiavellian and Danehill – Blood That Just Works Together

A week ago this column was dedicated to the recent achievements of Street Cry and his sons at stud. The success wave continued the next weekend, during which the list of Gr.1 winners by Street Cry was expanded by two-year-old Pride of Dubai who won the prestigious Blue Diamond Stakes. He, too, same as many others of Street Cry’s progeny, is out of a dam by Danehill.

The excellent affinity of Street Cry to Danehill's daughters was discussed last week but the achievement of Pride of Dubai only confirmed the excellent results. Street Cry has, so far, produced with daughters of Danehill a total of nine black-type winners of sixty foals of racing age which represents a high share of 15 per cent. Moreover two of them (Shocking and Pride of Dubai) won in Gr.1 races and Gr.2 winners Solicit and Princess Highway were placed in Gr.1 races, same as the listed winner Nozomi. Great results are achieved by Street Cry also with daughters of Danehill’s sons. With Al Maher's daughter Speedy Natalie Street Cry has produced a single foal of racing age but that horse is no other than the winner of The Vanity (Gr.3) Sweet And Speedy. With daughters of another Danehill’s son, Lion Hunter, Street Cry has produced three horses, including The Vanity winner Tallow. The same rate, i.e. one black-type winner of three horses, is achieved by Street Cry with daughters of Danewin. It needs to be said though that the dam of the winner of the Ladies Day Vase (L) and the runner-up in the Australian Oaks (Gr.1), Star Fashion, is the winner of the Hong Kong Derby Elegant Fashion. The results achieved with daughters of Redoute’s Choice can seem as a disappointment from this perspective, as among ten foals of racing age there is not a single black-type winner. However, three of them (Wolf Cry, Paris Match a Stay With Me) are at least placed in black-type races.

As you may remember from the last week’s BTP Weekly Column, affinity with daughters and granddaughters of Danehill is seen, too, among the sons of Street Cry. The last year’s winner Gr.1 Golden Rose Stakes, Hallowed Crown, is one of fourteen runners by Street Sense out of a dam by Danehill, and Rocanto, the first and so-far the only black-type winner by Per Incanto, is one of four runners out of a dam by Danasinga.

The successful combination of the two stallions should come as no surprise. Street Cry is a grandson of Mr Prospector and Danehill the son of Danzig and the Mr Prospector-Danzig nick is the most frequently used nick today. It all started with excellent results of Danzig with Mr Prospector’s daughters – producing sixteen black-type winners who, however, represent a mighty figure of 26 per cent of foals of racing age.

Machiavellian is not only the son of Mr Prospector but also of the excellent dam Coup de Folie. Her sire Halo is the grandson of Almahmoud, same as her dam Raise The Standard – Coup de Folie is thus 3x3 inbred to Almahmoud, with one of her influences being through Northern Dancer’s dam Natalma. This inbreeding shows to be of key importance for the nick with Danehill, as Danehill is 3x3 inbred directly to Natalma.

Machiavellian himself has produced only four horses with daughters of Danehill, with no black-type winner, only Madaway finished third in the Prix Melisande (L) a fourth v Gr.1 Prix Saint-Alary. The reverse combination, i.e. Danehill with Machiavellian’s daughters, provides much more impressive results. The combination has produced only ten foals of racing age but four of them won black-type races and the fifth placed. The gelding Scintillation was the most successful representative of this combination, triple Gr.1 winner in Hong Kong, followed by his one year younger sister Shania Dane, two-time Gr.2 winner, three-time placed in Gr.1.

Since then the combination of Danehill and Machiavellian has appeared in a number of variants. Our database includes the results of all black-type races since 2005, in Europe since 2002 and in the United States since 2003. If you decide to use our service Position Query (you will find here how it works), you will be able to find out in how many black-type winners’ pedigrees you will find the combination of Danehill’s and Machiavellian’s blood. With the influence of Machiavellian in the paternal part of the pedigree (enter Danehill into 1H field in Position Query and Machiavellian in 2H field) our database registers thirty-seven black-type winners including eight Gr.1 winners, while in reverse setting it is nineteen black-type winners including three Gr.1 winners. Let us mention, from the first group, the two-time Gr.1 winners Nannina and Siyouma, both by Machiavellian’s son Medicean, from the second the winner of the Gr.1 Phoenix Stakes Zoffany by Dansili or the winner of the Prix de l’Abbaye de Longchamp (Gr.1) Move In Time by Monsieur Bond.

Many of these combinations can make the claim to being called a nick since the rate of success in black-type races is significantly higher that the success rate of individual sires and damsires. This means that these successful combinations are not based on quantity of progeny but show that the blood of Danehill and Machiavellian, in various pedigree positions and through various individuals, shows high affinity and their combination is to be recommended for breeders.

Miloslav Vlček

Miloslav I have posted some interesting facts about breeding in the Thoroughbredhorsepedigreequery forum go to the pedigree analyst part of the forum to find my posts they are under the title Mirror Image I think you will be interested. I think we have had contact before some time ago. Cheers
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