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Welcome on a new website dedicated to thoroughbred breeding and pedigrees. The website has been developed with the aim to provide breeders, owners, bloodstock agents and all those who are interested in thoroughbred breeding with a source of information that will make it possible for them to follow the trends in thoroughbred breeding, successful nicks, activity and success rate of individual lines and families. The website is based on a comprehensive database with pedigrees of over 57,000 black-type horses and on services that make it possible to analyse these pedigrees.

Besides pedigrees (our database currently includes about half a million horses and is still expanding) of individual horses and lists of offspring by stallions and broodmares, the website offers a number of services that can help breeders when thinking about suitable stallions for their broodmares. It is for them that the Mating suggestions service has been developed:on entering the name of the broodmare, the service will find all black-type horses whose dams have the same individuals in their pedigrees as the selected broodmare. The breeder can then watch with what sires or lines the mares similar to his combined successfully and produced horses successful in black-type races.

Sponsored hypomating is a similar service. In it you can test particular mating of your broodmare with stallions that have been included in the service by their owners and search whether this mating has any successful precedents among horses successful in black-type races.

Inbreeding is a service that needs no lengthy introduction. Combined with our database which is being expanded by new black-type winners and placed horses within a couple of hours after the race, this service bring up-to-date perspective on the latest trends in thoroughbred breeding. For instance you will learn from it why Danehill – although he started in stud five years later than Sadler’s Wells – is soon likely to beat his rival in a number of black-type winners who have one of these giants represented in their pedigree twice.

Position query makes it possible to search for black-type horses according to various combinations of individuals in their pedigrees. You can enter names of particular horses on concrete positions in pedigrees or parts of pedigrees, in paternal lines, dam sire lines or families and search for horses that meet your criteria.

You do not have to watch all black-type horses from all countries in our database, but you can yourself select what countries and what level of races is to be displayed in the results, or you can limit the selection only to black-type winners. All of this is possible thanks to the Country filter.

If you do not want to miss any new black-type offspring of your stallion or a successful product from the family of one of your broodmares, you can use the service called Monitor changes on query results. The service will make it possible to monitor, automatically, the queries to our database – whenever a new horse appears (or their results in black-type races) meeting the set up criteria, you will receive a notification to your email which you enter on registration.

Besides these services, you will find our regular BTP Weekly column on this place. The column is dedicated to thoroughbred breeding, successful stallions etc. We will look up for you latest news from online media, as well as articles of significant bloggers that could prove to be an inspiration for your breeding practice. You will find new black-type stallions here, as well as horses who have won the black-type status recently.

All newly registered users of our website can use all of our services for a free five-day trial period. We will appreciate any feedback or ideas to make the website better and we hope that we will meet on our website regularly.

The Blacktypepedigree team

Is there any reason why Kincsem and her breeding history are not part of your data base ? She is acknowledged as 17th dam of Camelot thats apart from being one of the immortals of the breed. Thanks Matt
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