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Posted 11/03/2013
Into Mischief, based at Spendthrift Farm, was the most frequently sought sire in North America this year. According to the data published by Jockey Club and provided by Report of Mares Bred (RMB), which includes about 90 per cent of all mares covered in the year, Into Mischief, the winner of CashCall Futurity, had 210 mares and was the only stallion to achieve the 200-mare mark this year. Full article
Posted 08/29/2013
Welcome on a new website dedicated to thoroughbred breeding and pedigrees. The website has been developed with the aim to provide breeders, owners, bloodstock agents and all those who are interested in thoroughbred breeding with a source of information that will make it possible for them to follow the trends in thoroughbred breeding, successful nicks, activity and success rate of individual lines and families. The website is based on a comprehensive database with pedigrees of over 57,000 black-type horses and on services that make it possible to analyse these pedigrees. Full article


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