3. How does the country filter work?

The so-called “country filter” can be set up in all analytic services (Sponsored hypomating, Mating suggestions, Inbreeding a Position query). The filter will make it possible to define your own selection of data provided by our database. For instance you can choose that all black-type horses or just black-type winners are displayed, you can define the quality of black-type races or country to be displayed. All these three criteria can be combined.

The country filter is activated by checking the box by Country filter (see the picture), countries, horses (BT winners or BT placed) and the type of races that Country filter selects is done by clicking on “Edit filter”. Then a form displays in which you select individual countries and types of races. The broadest possible selection is set by default, which means that the results show all BT horses (winners and placed) from all races in our database.

In lines you select individual countries (or even continents – see the picture), in rows you select types of races from Gr. 1 to Restricted. An empty field means that there are no results for this type of race and country. Winners means that only winners of BT races are displayed, Winners & placed means that both winners and those placed to the third place are displayed.

See the picture below for illustration. The picture shows such a setting of the Country filter which displays only winners of all blacktype races in Europe and Gr. 1 winners in United States.

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