7. Sponsored hypomating

The “Sponsored hypomating” service will give you the opportunity to test mating your mare with stallions included by their owners into this service. First you will choose from a selection of stallions – by their country, stud and finally you choose the name of the individual stallion. Into the “Dam name” box you enter the name of your broodmare and confirm. The pedigree of hypothetical mating then appears and under it there is a list of black-type horses whose pedigrees share some parts with the pedigree of your hypothetical mating.

Black-type horses are listed in descending order by the extent to which their pedigrees are similar to the pedigree of the hypothetical mating. At the same time you can compare similarities of pedigree of the hypothetical mating with the pedigree of every black-type horse who appears in the results. In every black-type horse his pedigree is displayed and the individuals represented in both pedigrees are highlighted in light grey. If the individual appear on the same positions in the pedigree, they are highlighted by dark grey.

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